State of Baltimore Sports Media Fall 2010 Update: continues to grow beyond radio and into web dominance

October 25, 2010 | Nestor Aparicio

to get accurate information out to the public in Baltimore.

But everyone is looking for your attention in 2010, especially given the power of your mobile device.

Everyone wants power but it’s my belief the power will come in trust.

Who do you trust?

Our survey says you trust us:

Would you recommend WNST to a friend

We honestly hope we’ve earned that in the past and that we’ll continue to earn it in the future. We know you’re reading and watching and listening to our competitors.

Actually, we kinda like that.

Like my friend Julio Bermejo says: “We encourage you to visit our competitors — you’ll be back!

It’s a bye week but we won’t be resting at

I hope you enjoy and respond to the Ray Lewis series and it certainly should be a great conversation piece over the next few days for Facebook friends and Twitter followers and Tweeps.

And here’s one final poll question…


Just something to think about for “State of Baltimore Sports Media Part 3”…

The Ravens are 5-2 at the bye. Other than some improvement from the baseball team there’s not much we could ask for in the land of pleasant living…