State of Baltimore Sports Media Fall 2010 Update: continues to grow beyond radio and into web dominance

October 25, 2010 | Nestor Aparicio

and are working to help them get to know the Baltimore community with a series of events this winter, including a visit from Ted Leonsis that we’re attempting to schedule. We also expect to begin running a series of Wizards buses to NBA games because now that Leonsis is involved we expect the basketball team to once again become relevant in the region. Seeing Ted’s effect on the hockey team over the last decade virtually guarantees that at least the Wizards – or whatever they’ll be called – will be marketed properly. I grew up a Rod Langway-loving Caps fan and an Elvin Hayes-Wes Unseld-loving Bullets fan in the 1970’s and 1980’s. I have no problem with associating with teams that reach out to Baltimore for a fan base and it’s not like the NBA or NHL are ever coming to the Inner Harbor again.

We’d love to thank our newest round of corporate sponsors including Navy Football, Papa John’s, Advance Business Systems and Chesapeake Hair Restoration. No slight to any of our “regular” long-term sponsors who are featured all over but these folks have finally given us a chance to help them market their products and we’re blessed and appreciative to have them – and all of our many sponsors – aboard!

These are the folks who are helping us feed our families and we appreciate all that they’ve done to partner with us in 2010 and join our family of Baltimore-based business sponsors who want your attention and patronage via your love of local sports. If you see any of these squares on the site, please feel fully invited to click on them and visit the folks who make possible. We’re not quite Maryland Public Television but we are 1000% funded by our sponsors since our product is absolutely free for the consumer.

Our bus trips and events have been sensational this year. We’ve done great trips to New York, Boston and Pittsburgh and the Charlotte trip next month looks to be the largest regular-season crowd we’ve ever had on a trip! The party in Carolina – from sundown Saturday night through the ride home — will be mammoth!

All of our local parties have been enthusiastic and our appearances have been full of well-wishers from our Coors Light Neighborhood Tour nights on Mondays to all of our purple viewing parties and pep rallies.

But despite all of our “victories” we’re still perceived as the “rebels” of the Baltimore media scene. And certainly, we get ignored by shortsighted agencies and businesses that are still using antiquated technology to measure the value of our company’s reach into cyberspace and across the web with our information and analysis.

Take today’s blog for instance. Tens of thousands of you will see it – and the “powers that be” at our competitors will all be reading these very words because they can’t help themselves