State of Baltimore Sports Media Fall 2010 Update: continues to grow beyond radio and into web dominance

October 25, 2010 | Nestor Aparicio

but somehow Arbitron (the most antiquated and arbitrary measurement “system” you could possibly imagine) will once again say our friends at various radio stations have more listeners and we have none.

It’s just a lie.

Here are the present facts about and the wide footprint of our web traffic:

Nearly 15,000 folks get our daily newspaper every morning

More than 20,000 people are directly touched by our Facebook accounts each day

We now have 5,677 people subscribed to our WNST Text Service

More than 14,000 people have registered their email address to

And our Twitter account is about to eclipse 5,000 followers

Oh, and we’re No. 1 in radio station web traffic in Baltimore, and it’s not even close

Baltimore Web Comparison

We are also the only “media critics” left in the area since that bastion of sports journalism, Ray Frager of The Sun, left the marketplace. And as I stated in very lengthy format back in February, I think our competitors, in general, do a lousy job of covering local sports opening the door for a company like to dominate the sports consciousness in Baltimore with integrity, timeliness, expertise and passion.

And it’s now measurable for anyone who cares to examine facts and real data.

For years gloomy Arbitron radio rankings have been thrown in our face at WNST – like Charles Atlas getting the sand kicked in his face on the back cover of my Inside Wrestling magazines every month. Today “little WNST” has overtaken all of the terrestrial radio brands in every measurable statistic