Where are you getting your Baltimore sports news & information? Sharing is caring…

January 29, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio

like that on the 4th of July. But when those things do happen, WNST.net has become a trusted source for the confirmation of any news event in Baltimore.

As a guy who has dedicated his life to journalism, it was a proud day for me and for our company that we got the story first, right and the follow up was extensive and thorough. And if you were one of the thousands who was forwarding our WNST Texts through mobile cyberspace, we really appreciate it.

The No. 1 way our company grows every day at WNST is when Facebook and Twitter and Text users tell and “share” our information, blogs, news and links to other folks via their computer or mobile devices.

If you “care” about WNST.net – and you think we’re doing a good job and trust us – the best thing you can do to help us is to share our content and spread the word that we’re doing a great job with Baltimore sports, community and conversation.

And it’s SO easy to share it. Look at ANY blog in our sphere and at the top of every story is a “SHARE” button – to Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. If you read something you like or something you think your friends would like it, simply spreading the word is a click away.

So, here’s your question of the day: Who do YOU trust in the Baltimore sports media? And where do you turn to get your Baltimore sports news? And what could we do better at WNST.net to serve you?

It’s what this blog series and our survey this month is all about – getting your honest feedback and trying to create a “perfect” version of WNST.net. If you haven’t filled it out, we’d really appreciate it if you took a few minutes and help us get better by answering our questions about your current habits.

While the McNair story is a sad and morbid one, it does tell the tale of what the modern media is all about: getting the story right and getting the story first and then getting the story into people’s hands as quickly as possible.

In the industry, it’s called “content” and “distribution.”

In the three years since we began our WNST Text Service in January 2007, according to the Baltimore Sun (and every other media outlet in the marketplace), we’ve NEVER, EVER broken a story – NEVER.

There have been literally dozens of occasions when I’ve gone surfing other media sites looking for another verified source that confirms the information we know before we send our official WNST Text only to see nothing on their respective websites, Twitter feeds, etc. Just to make sure someone else isn’t reporting what we already know.

I have never, ever seen any “as first reported by WNST” in any medium at any point. Only our Twitter users or Facebook friends will say “WNST is reporting (blah, blah, blah)…”

Sadly, in a ridiculous set of Tweets last month, one of The Sun’s reporters had the audacity to accuse us of “stealing a scoop” when it was publicly announced that the Ravens were wearing black