Does WNST suck? Or is WNST great? Or are we just so-so? We want a report card!

September 18, 2012 | WNST Staff

Does WNST suck? Or is WNST great? Or are we just so-so? Please tell us how you feel about what we do here and be eligible for a free trip to Cleveland & HOF in November. Just give us an honest “report card” here:

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  1. J Says:


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  3. steve g Says:

    I have been a wnst listener for about 10 yrs. or so.I went to the first free the birds and have always enjoyed the station.I do miss the various fantasy contests you used to have and would love to see their return but still listen regulary.I have also enjoyed some of your trips.It’s kind of amazing all the personalities you lost to other stations and still put out a good product.I DO MISS TERRY FORD THOUGH…HE WAS HILARIOUS.!!

  4. Jim M Says:

    I have enjoyed listening to WNST now for the last 7-8 years. Even so I feel as if your station is like a hole in the wall bar that many pass by because from the street it doesn’t look like much. However, those that do stop find themselves pleasantly surprised by the quality of the establishment and the knowledge and service of the proprietors. The quality of writing is perhaps the best kept secret in Baltimore. Drew in particular could easily blog/write for any national publication. All this gets me through the day from the time a leave my house 6:00 a.m, get to work at 7:00 and head back up the road between 4-5 p.m. My only criticism, some of your regular callers are painful to be kind and honestly, that’s when I change the channel to get the traffic and weather. The other criticism: the public running feud with Orioles Management. Yes, Angelos is an ass. Yes, the have treated WNST horribly and the fans as well. Yes, as Nestor has pointed out Angelos rakes in millions from the MASN deal….and doesn’t put it back in the ballclub. From my standpoint though you’re wasting time and energy and not really winning any fans with your Quixotic pursuit of the Peter Angelos Windmill. Think about the last 2 weeks. Hosts have devoted the better parts of their shows debating 8th inning pitching matchups and whether Adam Jones should have bunted with nobody out and JJ Hardy on 2nd. It’s been a long time since Baltimore has had these conversations. that’s what the core sports fan really wants to discuss.
    thanks for your time.

  5. Stan Says:

    Suck, totally. Good thing your press credentials for the Ravens are still good or it would be very quiet in the studio.

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