Driving Miss Liz “home” one last time

August 17, 2017 | Nestor Aparicio

honor her. The viewing for my Mom is Friday (4-9pm) at Connelly Funeral Home on Mace Avenue in Essex. Come thirsty! We’re also doing a memorial celebration at 10am on Saturday and burial will follow at Gardens of Faith. We’re gathering at Amicci’s in Little Italy at 1pm for drinks and delicious food. In lieu of flowers, we’d really appreciate donations for There Goes My Hero and leukemia patients locally.

(I know she’d love that in her honor…so please, politely, NO flowers! Help some families in dire need instead!)

Our family would love to extend an eternal “thank you” to Dr. Scott Wright, the Attman Family, Future Care North Point, the Johns Hopkins total institution, Millie Anderson, Olay, Lazarus, Bernadette and her nurses and therapists during her final journey, who universally fell in love with her.

She was a miracle in my life. All I ever wanted to be was some kind of a miracle in hers.

Somehow, through this crazy career I’ve forged on the radio and social media and in getting to know so many folks through sports in Baltimore, she has blazed a semi-famous trail of life, laughs, strength and dignity that our family is very grateful for as her time here on earth expired.

It’s time to take her home.

Let’s have a Bud Light in her honor and don’t make too much fuss. She wouldn’t want that.