Here’s a list of #WNSTSweet16 “must attend” events for Baltimore sports fans

March 11, 2014 | Nestor Aparicio

The whole idea of doing a #WNSTSweet16 list every Tuesday here at to spark debate during the 16th year of our existence at WNST-AM 1570 is all my fault.

I thought for sure we’d have great debate, lots of ideas and concepts for social media. My favorite part comes when I hear the stories from the audience and the reaction to how high or low we put a specific person or event on our lists. Hey, it’s all subjective. That’s what makes it fun!

This one was a fun list and I did solicit plenty of input not just from the WNST crew but also on my social media threads at Facebook and Twitter to test the waters and make sure some of these are as a big as I think they are. I’ll admit it – I haven’t done all 16. And I’m not really sure that ANYONE has truly experienced EVERY ONE of these? (BUT drop me an email: if you have all 16 because that would be pretty cool!)

I have personally participated in 10 of the 16 that are on the list. The other six come with some legendary stories that tell me that I need to finally jot down that “Baltimore Sports Bucket List” and get working on some new stuff.

Hope you enjoy these 16 “must see” events for any Baltimore sports fan. As always, feedback is encouraged…