Here’s a list of #WNSTSweet16 “must attend” events for Baltimore sports fans

March 11, 2014 | Nestor Aparicio

1. Preakness – The venerable third Saturday of May has dealt with its fair share of criticism and ups and downs over the years but if you venture to Old Hilltop in eight weeks, you’ll see a pretty good representation of the best (and the worst, minus Kegasus we can only hope…) of the Preakness. There have been great ones and poor ones. Good bands, bad bathrooms and various casualties. And as a veteran (and survivor in some cases) of 25 or so of them, there’s only one place that brings the winner of Kentucky Derby to Baltimore and whether you’re in the infield, the grandstand or the clubhouse, if you’re a real local sports fan this is the one event that we’d highly recommend you get to at least once in your life to celebrate the land of pleasant living.