Here’s what your local “sports media personality” needs to know in 2012

June 15, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio

is on the wall — I’m sure grateful for them teaching me the basic tenets of how and why communication worked in the 20th Century. Because in the 21st Century, the only college for new media and how to make a living is based on how quickly you can learn, adapt and garner an audience that respects you and remains with you.

But all of that 1980’s has added up to value for me now. It’s prepared me to learn and do homework every day because the world of sports radio, sports media and mobile and instant communications is moving at warp speed.

Those old UB terms papers on Narrative Discourse and “Citizen Kane”? For me, they’re now Business Plans and New Events and Request For Proposals.

Those math classes? For me, sadly they’re now accountants and tax people and FCC lawyers and legal documents and payroll managements with insurances and fees that I’ll probably never fully understand. Hell, I spent 8 years trying to understand Algebra II.

History class? Well, that’s what I use every day for content. NO ONE knows Baltimore sports history better than our crew. And certainly no one has witnessed it from the inside the way people like myself and Drew Forrester and Paul Kopelke have because we spent an appreciable amount of time with Charley Eckman and Harry Shriver and their generation of local sports marketers.

And the idea is to NEVER stop learning and growing and achieving.

As Gary Vaynerchuk says so eloquently in this awesome video about where the world is going in 2011 from SXSW in Austin, Texas: “S**t changes! It just does.”

And is going with the flow and trying to serve you better.

That’s what this is all about and that’s what our Baltimore Sports Media Superstar competition is all about.

WNST sponsors all are community-oriented folks who want to partner with you as community members and make you customers of their establishments, which they get out of bed every day and try to make great as well. This is the real B2B – Baltimore to Baltimore – and we plan a myriad of growth strategies around town partnering with lots of new places and giving you chances and ways to save money, earn points, win cool prizes and participate in the best and most educated sports conversations with other Ravens, Orioles, Terps and Caps fans in the area.

Here’s a few thoughts about making the move from being a “radio station” to being a full-service digital sports media organization powered by the community and owned by the community:

This previously was a “radio host” job. It’s now all-encompassing that demands writing skills, social media connections and an audience. The response and results are obvious and the clock is never truly off with breaking news and scheduled sports events happening in an unending flurry of words, feedback and information and analysis.

The “employee job description” for a Sports Media Superstar would look a lot like this extensive list below. But, beware, the environment is ever-changing and will be different six months from now when the latest and greatest technologies continue to be unleashed on the tech-hungry world and the local sports fans who consume it.

A Sports Media Host & Blogger is the voice and is often a person with whom the public identifies. This person introduces and moderates on-air programs; reads commercial copy; cross promotes AM 1570 and; develops and maintains blogs, Tweets and social media that promote company objectives; uses on-line and off-line social networking techniques for collaboration with people inside and outside the organization; regularly attends company promotional events; regularly interacts and attends sports press conferences for access and questions; and is involved in the overall public presentation of WNST Sports Media.

Continue reading for all of the requirements of the Baltimore Sports Media Superstar…