June 29, 2012 | Richard Golden

Today I had my interview/on air interview at WNST. I made the mistake of being the first one to do it out of a group of more than 30.  Of course I was nervous, I looked over my notes (which never really came into play), and studied my 5-minutes that I was going to do and had planned ahead of time. Not knowing the business nor understanding entirely the procedures, I feel that I crashed and burned, by having dead air at the end of my on air time.  I wasn’t sure when to interject with responses or answers, nor when to keep quiet. I wasn’t sure how to use the microphone, nor how to sit comfortably for the camera. I had something written up, but used it sparingly to give my opinion on Earl Weaver.  I didn’t know what the host was going to ask, how they were going to ask, nor what I was to say. So I feel that my interview/on-air time did not go well. Especially after the people after me who had more experience than I. So although I have a love and passion for sports that I feel is unmatched, my speaking abilities, presence and knowing what to do were lacking.

To those of you who are following me in the next few days, I wish you all the best of luck, and hopefully you will be successful.  All I can do now is wait and see if I hear about the next round. I’m not optimistic, but I’m not giving up. If there is another competition in the future, I will be more prepared from the procedure side of the job.