I am not “sticking to sports” and here’s why…

February 03, 2018 | Nestor Aparicio

a conversational format.

The kids are calling them “podcasts” I think…

I’d like to think that my future will sound more like a Super Bowl week on the radio – discussing bone marrow transplants with Dr. Oz, dementia with Sylvia Mackey, comedy with Louie Anderson, Ravens history with former champions like Matt Stover, Bryant McKinnie and Rod Woodson, politics with the Mayor of Minneapolis and the business of sports with people like Leigh Steinberg and David Meltzer. Oh, and the Ravens and Orioles and Terps with the usual expertise that I’ve brought to the airwaves since 1991.

My appetite for information and quality, meaningful conversations is quite robust in these troubled times in our world.

Like every sane citizen, I’m also very troubled about the direction of our country and this corrupt leadership and the blind eye of bought off politicians in Washington, D.C. I’m also very troubled that so many folks here in Baltimore are in need and that I’ve seen the decay of my city in recent years and the woeful lack of leadership and unity among our population after the riots. There are people in need all over our community and I have 168 hours of radio time – not to mention an electric social media thread that “never stops talking” every week that could be used in some way to assist, educate or amplify a good message.

I also love great food, chefs, craft beer, red wine, traveling, culture all over the world, beaches and live music. I also love my cat, Nahla and miss my previous cat Kitty more than anything in the world.

Honestly, I probably love music more than I love anything these days because it never leaves Zach Britton on the bench in the 10th inning of a knockout game in October or misses a field goal in Foxborough.

I guess what I’m saying is that today is the last day of my life as a “sports radio host.”

I know this will disappoint some of those patriots out there and The Knee haters but I will NOT be “sticking to sports.”

I’ll be interviewing musicians, politicians, journalists, newsmakers, teachers, professors, business executives, doctors, leaders, scientists, civic activists and anyone else who has something to add to the world and to my intellect.

I’ll also be doing a ton of current and topical sports conversations as I’ve always done on the radio at WNST-AM 1570. This video should explain more about our plans…

I have 168 hours to fill on the radio every week. I spend 30 to 40 hours per week talking to people and putting it on the radio and web. My plan is to still spend 20 hours talking about sports (like I’ve always done) and the rest to talking to whomever I want about whatever I want to discuss.

Since 1998, I’ve collected a lot more than just sports fanatics at WNST and in my travels. As a matter of fact, the most electric social media posts over the past few years have been more about my wife, my cat, my mother, my politics, my music, my civic concerns and charitable efforts than anything regarding the Orioles or Ravens or Terps have done.

No one has ever covered the Baltimore Ravens better than my company.

That will NEVER change.

No one has covered the Baltimore Orioles with more integrity, conviction and honesty than WNST. That will not