I am not “sticking to sports” and here’s why…

February 03, 2018 | Nestor Aparicio

change, either – whether those creeps in the Angelos family ever “welcome” me back to Camden Yards or not. All I’ve ever done is call Peter G. Angelos a poor baseball owner and an awfully mean human being and all he’s continued to do through his people and his entity is to justify my accusations. I wrote a book called The Peter Principles if you care to know the “truths” of Orioles baseball in Baltimore over the past 25 years.

You certainly aren’t going to be hearing any “truths” over at 105.7 The Fan, where they cough and take a check from the Angelos boys.

At heart, WNST-AM 1570 was created wholly by my passion, energy and love of local sports teams and the desire to share conversation, information and thoughts.

It was designed to be an inherently “free” marketing arm for all of these sports teams and sports programs in the area. One day, I’ll expound upon my thoughts on sports and media in the modern era. Now 20 years into existence as the first all sports radio station in Baltimore, my little media company – and anyone else’s newspaper, television or radio station – is mostly irrelevant to the teams who actually benefit from the passion that build WNST or any other sports media organization.

We have tried to cover the Maryland Terps over the years but the truth is that no one in College Park truly gives a shit whether we show up or not. Charley Eckman called it “The University of D.C.” 40 years ago and not much has changed in regard to the recruitment of Baltimore. And last I checked, they have plenty of empty seats down on Route 1. They could use the help. It’s not like their “flagship” gives a damn about them, either over at Entercom.

The Orioles certainly would’ve loved for me to die and go away before my career ever began. Brady Anderson and Greg Bader and the Angelos family have made that very clear over the years. And from the look of things in the upper deck near my PSLs, the Ravens are going into some troubled waters that I wrote about 15,000 words about last month.

Despite my prediction that sports is a shrinking entity in Baltimore over the next two decades, I will chronicle all of these teams with the passion, conviction and insights that I always have – even when the teams themselves don’t care whether we exist or not. One thing none of these teams is really fond of is a media member who holds them accountable. Like I said, their deepest, darkest desire is for EVERY television, radio, newspaper and “pundit” to go away – even though that is a wholly stupid wish.

Accountability and social transparency will hold an even higher value as the morals of society continue to sway. I’ve done all I can do to keep the Orioles honest but what good has that really done for me or the city?

And, like you, I’ve got other things on my mind every morning beyond sports and whether the Ravens will win the Super Bowl next year or whether the Orioles will make the playoffs.

So, will WNST still be doing sports online and on the radio?



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