I am not “sticking to sports” and here’s why…

February 03, 2018 | Nestor Aparicio

conception in 2006 when I was the first radio station owner that I ever heard about who moved to be more than a little radio station.

We are the most electric and relevant sports media company on social and the web in Baltimore. That’s simply a fact. More than 100,000 people interact with our content during the course of any month and dozens of local sponsors have allowed WNST.net grow and thrive. Local businesses keep us in business. I am eternally grateful for their support, loyalty and feedback over the years.

Everything we do lives in the BuyAToyota Audio Vault. It was the first online sports audio “on demand” in the marketplace 14 years ago and better than ever.

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I only have one email: nasty@wnst.net and I answer my mail.

But moving forward on my personal timelines and on the radio, you might hear me talking to Rob Halford of Judas Priest one day and Governor Larry Hogan the next. Or perhaps I’ll be taking a deep dive on a social issue or charity or topic of choice – like any other talk show or voice in the cosmos.

I’ll still be talking about sports most of the time. It’s what I do. I still love it.

But I have other interests and so do you. And in morning and afternoon drive, you’ll simply hear the best conversations that I have to offer – sports, or “non sports.”

And of course the incomparable Luke Jones will be at Orioles games, Ravens practices, Terps games and anywhere else we find interest and news in local sports. Our website, morning newspaper, text service, updates, WNST Twitter, etc. will all remain all about sports.

But, what you hear on the radio or see on Facebook Live or YouTube, where we are the fastest growing local media company in the marketplace, could be as wide and varied as my many interests, hobbies and passions.

One of my passions is music.

The other passion I have is education. I like learning. I believe in science. I believe in human development and growth. I am a witness and survivor. I like to write about what I learn and talk about what I learn.

And finally, as I approach 50, I like helping people.

My wife’s battle and the incredible community support for There Goes My Hero and her amazing donor Niels in Germany have inspired me more than any words I could possibly write here. If you know our story or have followed it, I’m sure you have some