Here are #WNSTSweet16 people who had a dream in Baltimore

January 21, 2014 | Nestor Aparicio

6. Steve Bisciotti

This is a dream that’s still evolving and unfolding for current Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti, who had already fulfilled most every wish he had when he realized he couldn’t buy the University of Maryland and instead opted for the NFL. Bisciotti dabbled with buying the Minnesota Vikings and explored Major League Baseball but really wanted his hometown football team and when he realized it was available he made a deal happen that allowed Art Modell to exit with dignity – as well as a Super Bowl win – and now has his own jewelry. He’s made a handsome return on his $600 million investment in 2004 and is apparently having a lot of fun owning the team.

Bisciotti grew up from humble beginnings but always had a deep passion for sports. He made his money in the staffing space but longed for more and had a dream of owning the Ravens. He had a vision to run the team the right way in contrast to the spectacle that the city had endured first via Bob Irsay in the 1970s and then under Peter Angelos virtually every day since his purchase of the Orioles in 1993.

The only question is how many Super Bowl titles would be enough for Bisciotti? It’s clear he dreams of making the dream even bigger.

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