Here are #WNSTSweet16 people who had a dream in Baltimore

January 21, 2014 | Nestor Aparicio

5. Cal Ripken, Jr.

It’s hard to not view the streak now and see the past 19 years of our lives go by at warp speed as Cal Ripken had morphed quite handsomely from legendary baseball player to local business owner who loves and preaches the love of baseball to youths in America.

Cal’s dream began with his father’s vision for what a baseball player should be and the embodiment of “The Oriole Way,” handed down from Paul Richards. Ripken’s grace and class and the tenacity of The Streak on the field will never be forgotten. But his dream to keep his father’s spirit alive through baseball continues to grow with every year.

He wants to own and run the Orioles. We all know that. He wants to get back into the game. But will he and where? Perhaps his story still has many chapters left in it for Baltimore baseball fans? Only time will. But we’ll always have that one moment in time on September 6, 1995…

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