Lebron’s New Fan

June 27, 2012 | Derek Andrews

I might lose Twitter followers, Facebook fans, and Nestor might just kick me out of the competition over this comment, but I stand by it, and that comment is that: I am officially a Lebron fan.

How can a die-hard Lakers fan be a Lebron fan? I asked myself that question as I wrote this article and I came up with three reasons.

Reason #1 – He was clutch in the moments of adversity.

He has been ridiculed and scorned for not having the heart to close out a critical game, but he proved that he is more than capable in closing out games.In the critical close out game, Game 6 against the championship pedigree Celtics and had one of the greatest performances in playoff history, period.

He dished the ball with grace and precision and played quality defense. In Game 2 of the NBA Finals against the Thunder, he hit a clutch shot in the 4th quarter sealing the game and taking back home court. He didn’t have the flu or a bum knee, but he came up big with a three pointer in the 4th quarter in Game 4 of Finals while experiencing leg pains.

Reason #2 – He was a team player first.

He expressed after winning his first championship that last season he played with a lot hate and this year he returned back to who he was as a man and a player. His life and game adjustment proved to give him the formula towards winning this year. His game improved greatly and the game was fun again. This year he never deferred from who he was. What he was scorned for was his greatest asset.

Reason #3 – He owned up to his faults and challenged himself.

First, he owned up to his game on the court. He worked tirelessly and diligently to add dimensions to his game that consequently made him more unstoppable. He never gave up and stuck with the game plan. This is the sole reason why he earned his third MVP award and eventually the NBA Finals MVP.

Second, he owned up to the fiasco called the “The Decision” and the lavish party and declaration that it would be easy to win multiple championships. He couldn’t undo what happened but he moved on to be a better person and athlete.

Now don’t get me wrong, I will not defer from criticism at times of mental breakdowns, but I will give credit where credit is due. He needs to win multiple championships to enter that upper echelon of NBA greats. I would say three rings would suffice to putting him in the likes of Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas and others. He also needs to win it all during a full 82 game season. I will give him a pass because despite the labor-shortened season, it was condense in a shorter period of time and the league didn’t suffer too much on ratings and revenue.

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