Part 2: Anytime, anywhere – delivering Baltimore sports to your mobile device

October 17, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio


tomorrow, baby. There’s just right now!”

Blogging, micro-blogging and conversing via social media is the new standard for everyone in the media – and many on the fan and amateur side of the new media equation. Everyone has a voice. But not everyone is interested in everyone’s opinion.

And then there are the poor souls who aren’t taking this internet thing seriously. Not only are those not consuming or participating left out of the conversation but mobile’s impact has leveled the playing field for anyone in the media business. If you’re not on Twitter, you’re not in the know. You can’t be. And if you’re in the media and aren’t “in the know” then you are essentially irrelevant and uninformed.

As a media entity, when breaking news happens the impact is immediate and extraordinary if your information is credible, accurate and timely.

The question for all in the mass media game now is this: what is a sustainable business model moving forward?

Web monsters like Facebook, Twitter, Groupon and Living Social have all changed the way consumers interact with products and the ability of real customers to feed back in real time is threatening to marketers and public relations folks and in the first years of Yelp and Google search they all buried their heads in the sand and wished away “free speech.” sustains a myriad of falsities published almost hourly in regard to a wild set of allegations from former employees, vicious media personalities who have filed absurd lawsuits against us and the usual trolls in new media via Twitter and Facebook.

As Deion Sanders once told me: “My critics have critics.”

But information – true and false – is moving more rapidly as mobile has evolved and geo-targeting has now impacted anyone’s ability to get instant information, reviews and customer feedback within seconds of seeing any item or product in the world.

In our market – Baltimore sports media, news, information and analysis — quite frankly, it’s been about authenticity and credibility.

And trust.

We believe the track record is worthy of your praise, feedback and constructive criticism.

WNST builds our audience via quality programming, content and distribution. And then we build relevance for local marketers and businesses who keep us in business because of your support of their sponsorship of our programming and information.

When you support a WNST sponsor you directly affect our ability to improve and keep bringing you the best Baltimore’s best sports coverage divinely possible.

So, as Bruce Springsteen might say, “Bring on your Wrecking Ball” and give us some feedback. We’re thick-skinned. Any constructive criticism or feedback is always welcome at My email is:

We want to know about your relationship with professional and collegiate sports teams in Maryland and beyond. How do you feel about local sports and how do you touch your sports passions on the internet.

And how are you consuming your Baltimore sports media and where, why and how?


Good luck in winning that trip to Cleveland next week!

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