Rush vs. hockey: Hard to say which is Canada’s greatest import?

April 21, 2011 | Nestor Aparicio

kids of immigrant parents in Canada in the 1960s, who had a dream to make music.

They’ve been mocked and scorned by the “legitimate ” establishment and media for 30 years so we have that in common as well.

They’re not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They don’t win awards or try to become a mainstream act. They are the ultimate cult band for a generation of people who just like great songs, great musicianship and poignant and meaningful lyrics.

Honestly, as far as music goes they’re as close to Mozart as we’re going to get in this era and Peart is widely considered the greatest drummer to ever walk the planet. And the words and their depth and literacy is as close as rock and roll will ever get to Shakepeare.

Nasty with Rush, July 2002_2

The bad news about tomorrow is also the good news: I already know the set list and it never changes. That used to bum me out and make me think they were a bit lazy but the truth is that the songs and show are so intricate, it almost needs to have a Broadway feel to work. And when they’re going to rock “Moving Pictures” in its entirety, I’m not sure anyone who loves Rush should feel compelled to complain.

And I’m not imploring you to “rush” out to the Rush show tomorrow night. Not at all – and if you don’t like or respect their work I’m gonna assume you didn’t make it this far in the blog. But if you’re going, I’ll see you there.

But I like writing about the things in life that are important to me and Rush has been one of those enduring companions much like baseball, hockey, the Ravens, travel, sports media and journalism that has defined my life and has always been with me and at this difficult point in my life it’s a comfort that I can’t really convey. Music is just like that for people, I guess.

Rush is a magical band, extolling a timeless set of principles and stories via Peart’s deep lyrics and producing an ever-changing musical groove that has satiated me for a lifetime through all of my life changes.

Words from songs like “Free Will” and “Big Money” and “Time Stand Still” resonate even more