You may not be surprised by who tops our “Maxim Hot40” Champions Tour edition

May 14, 2013 | Glenn Clark

30. Raquel Welch (72)

When Ryan Chell recommended actress Rachel Weisz, I thought he was trying to say Welch’s name. I was wrong, but Welch was probably the better candidate all along.

29. Rachel Hunter (43)

Two words: Stacy’s mom.

28. Lori Laughlin (48)

Aunt Becky is nearing 50. You feel much older now, don’t you?

27. Lauren Graham (46)

The cause of many a listener to have a far-too-intimate knowledge of Gilmore Girls.

26. Tina Fey (42)

The rare example of someone on this list who probably wasn’t really thought of as “sexy” until closer to 40.

25. Connie Britton (46)

I don’t watch Nashville, but it was hard to ignore the swell of support Britton found on the list from WNST listeners. WOW.

24. Stacey Dash (46)

She was in her 20’s when she appeared in “Clueless.” She looks no different now.

23. Jane Seymour (62)

I need to watch the Hallmark Channel more often.

22. Sophia Loren (78)

My father voted 157 times for Sophia Loren. She’ll be on the “Maxim Hot80” soon.

21. Marissa Tomei (48)

Clearly more than a few listeners saw “The Wrestler.”

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