You may not be surprised by who tops our “Maxim Hot40” Champions Tour edition

May 14, 2013 | Glenn Clark

20. Jennifer Lopez (43)

She could still wear that Grammy’s dress today.

19. Heather Locklear (51)

There are some obsessions you just can’t let go of.

18. Vanessa Williams (50)

I was unaware “666 Park Avenue” was a thing. Now I would like to know more.

17. Shania Twain (47)

The most important Canadian import ever?

16. Heather Graham (43)

I’m disappointed with how low WNST listeners had her on this list. If you were questioning whether or not you’d be seeing “The Hangover III”, question no more.

15. Nicole Kidman (45)

She’ll definitely look good at 55.

14. Helen Mirren (67)

The subject of perhaps the greatest SNL sketch ever.

13. Elizabeth Hurley (47)

What was that awful movie she did with Brendan Fraser where she was the devil? I’d watch it 15 more times today.

12. Salma Hayek (46)

Simply absurd.

11. Catherine Zeta-Jones (43)

I’m sorry Al. She fell JUST short of the Top 10.

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