You may not be surprised by who tops our “Maxim Hot40” Champions Tour edition

May 14, 2013 | Glenn Clark

10. Julianne Moore (52)

If two people famous for playing Sarah Palin made the list, how did Governor Palin fall short?

9. Diane Lane (48)

No one can be surprised to see her at this spot.

8. Julie Bowen (43)

You’re welcome, rest of the world. Love, Balitmore.

7. Courtney Cox (48)

Is Cougar Town still on television?

6. Jennifer Aniston (44)

If you could excuse me for a moment, I need to go watch Horrible Bosses again.

5. Gwen Stefani (43)

She legitimately looks the same as when “Tragic Kingdom” hit stores.

4. Halle Berry (46)

I feel like there wasn’t a vote registered that didn’t include Halle Berry.

3. Sofia Vergara (40)

2. Alyssa Milano (40)

Having sat right next to her in New Orleans, I can tell you she’s the real deal.

1. Faith Hill (45)

Yeah, I rigged this. So sue me. The most important asset in our entire country.

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