Crossing the bridge to victory with Luke, Drew and Nestor

November 07, 2011 | WNST Staff

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  1. steve Says:

    As a Steeler fan..Will say a big moment for Joe Flacco..But lets keep it in perspective..Played without Lamar Woodley, best pass rusher, and James Farrior…best all around linebacker…With those two, that final drive doesn’t happen!!

  2. Franchise Says:


    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA……Stop crying over your Woodley and Farrior LB’s not on the field….Raven mantra is next man up.

    Just like a Ketchup Bottle fan not to give credit to your opponent winning at Heinz with a 92 yard TD drive.

    Can you say SWEEP????


    Raven Fan Fran

  3. J dubz Says:

    Always an excuse from pittsburgh…waaaah farrior wasn’t there waaaah the refs screwed us. In other words…GET OVER IT. You are quick to tell us that anytime we lose.


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