Top 10 Baseball Distractions

June 12, 2012 | Glenn Clark

Glenn offers his weekly preview, touching on events both inside and outside of the sports world…

WWE vs.WCW, round II

January 07, 2010 |

You know, I have to admit that I really love the world of pro wrestling. Loved it in my teens and 20s, sort of got away from it for a while in the 90s, but came back into it full-force when I fell for my wife, who also happens to be a wrestling nut like […]

Wrestlemania in Baltimore?!?

October 03, 2009 |

All right, now that I’ve caught you’re attention, I just wanted to share something with you guys that I’ve been thinking about for a long time now. Does anybody think that Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium would make a great site for a future Wrestlemania? We all know that M&T is state of the art and […]

We’re here to talk about the present, A-Rod

February 17, 2009 |

A-Rod is a liar. He lied again today. Mark McGwire looked like a jerk back in 2005 when he said, “I’m not here to talk about the past.” I hope anyone caught juicing from here on says the same thing. The Ravens said they are going to franchise Terrell Suggs if he doesn’t sign by […]

Another first rd. matchup in the women of pro wrestling

March 07, 2008 |

So in the opening round of the women of pro wrestling tournament Dawn Marie, Lita, and Francine all advance to the next round.   Now here are other match ups in the 1st round:   Fabulous Moolah vs Sensational Sheri   Stacy Keibler vs Sunny   Medusa vs Ivory   So let the voting begin. […]

The Women of Pro Wrestling Tournament

March 06, 2008 |

So with the assistance of Ray Bachman, Rob Long, Ken Zalis, and The Virg, we have put together women of pro wrestling NCAA tournament style bracket with some of the top 24 females in the wrestling world. Over the next couple of days or so I will put up a couple of females against each […]

Wrestling managers

March 05, 2008 |

Ok so yet another wrestling blog. This time let’s discuss the best managers in pro wrestling. I will just throw out a few that I enjoyed watching: Slick – I do not know what it was about him, but I always found him to be an interesting manager. He had some impressive guys in his […]

Greatest tag team or groups in pro wrestling

March 04, 2008 |

So because of the huge response to the wrestling debate and for it being brought up in some of the comments, here it goes. Top five tag team or groups: The Von Erich’s (a tremendous group that had classic battles. I would highly recommend if you were a fan of theirs or just a wrestling […]

The Wrestling Debate

March 03, 2008 |

So watching some old video on youtube of wrestling from WCW, WWF, UWF, etc., etc. and sending them out to Ray, Rob, Ken Zalis, Bob, and others around the station got me to thinking and started some talk. Who are some of the best heavyweight champions of all time. Now Ken Zalis and I agree […]

Whatever the case might be

March 03, 2008 |

Here are some random thoughts from the weekend:   -If you are a fan of college basketball, there were some great games that took place this weekend. There was everything from teams blowing leads to game winning shots and everything in between, a great weekend to start to get everyone ready for March Madness.   -I […]