The Wrestling Debate

March 03, 2008 |

So watching some old video on youtube of wrestling from WCW, WWF, UWF, etc., etc. and sending them out to Ray, Rob, Ken Zalis, Bob, and others around the station got me to thinking and started some talk. Who are some of the best heavyweight champions of all time. Now Ken Zalis and I agree that Shawn Michaels was the best WWF/WWE champion of all time, and Rob and Ray say Hulk Hogan.
So here in no particular order are my top 5 heavyweight champions/ wrestlers:
  1. Shawn Michaels (mic skills, in ring skills, he had and has all of them. The iron man match with him and Bret Hart is classic. Also the ladder match with Razor Ramon is a classic)
  2. The Rock (one of the best characters in wrestling history. One of his best matches in my opinion was his I Quit match versus Mankind)
  3. Sting (take almost any match of him versus Ric Flair and you can put classic next to it. He is one of the best having never worked for Vince McMahon)
  4. Stone Cold (perhaps the greatest gimmick in wrestling history. He was also very good in his early days as Stunning Steve in Texas and WCW then really started to take off once he got to ECW. I think sometimes he does not get enough credit for being as good of a wrestler as he was.)
  5. Ric Flair (how can he not be in there. He is truly one of the biggest icon’s in wrestling history)
Here are some honorable mentions in my opinion: Triple H (very talented in my opinion, had great matches with Rock, Austin, and Undertaker) Undertaker (probably would crack top 10) Chris Jericho (I was a much bigger fan of the Lionheart Chris Jericho than of Y2J). I think Edge could be a huge star if he was used properly by the WWE.
So now feel free to chime in with your list.