Wrestlemania in Baltimore?!?

October 03, 2009 |

All right, now that I’ve caught you’re attention, I just wanted to share something with you guys that I’ve been thinking about for a long time now.

Does anybody think that Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium would make a great site for a future Wrestlemania? We all know that M&T is state of the art and still fairly new, the weather in Baltimore in late-March, early-April can be a bit chancy, but not bitter by any means, and we could squeeze, counting floor seating, at least 80,000 folks in there.

Has anyone else out there had this idea? Honestly, I wouldn’t even know who to contact for the city to put in a bid for it with WWE. I cannot be any more complicated than what everyone is going through with the Olympic Games (I remember our “region” putting in a half-hearted attempt a handful of years ago).

Considering the development of the downtown area in the last generation, plus the incredible support WWE and its other promotions over the past fifty or so years, I think we would make a great host for WWE’s supreme yearly event. Imagine turning Oriole Park into the locale for their version of Fanfest for the entire week prior, or the Arena, if necessary, it would be a huge boon for a city that oh-so-desperately needs it considering how empty the downtown area can be when football season isn’t going on or on Opening Day (see almost any recent Nestor blog for corroboration on that).

I welcome comments on this subject, which I grant is very different than anything that I’ve written about before. Still, as a WWE fan going back to the Hulk Hogan days and as someone who has had the chance to see the event live just once, but several others on PPV and DVD, having something like this happen would be a real dream come true. Does anyone else think that this is a good idea, or at least something that we’d like to see, to paraphrase the classic MAD magazine?