Jul 9th, 2020 Author Antero Pietila joins our neighborhood to discuss redlining blockbusting and systemic racism in Baltimore
Jul 9th, 2020 Delegate Brooke Lierman discusses housing rent crisis in Baltimore
Jul 9th, 2020 Bill Ferguson tells us Kirwan isnt dead for education in Maryland
Jul 9th, 2020 Michael Steele discusses what it means to be a Republican in America
Jul 9th, 2020 Cory McCray says new faces and spirit at City Hall brings encouragement to community
Jul 9th, 2020 Dennis Koulatsos tells Nestor sports needs to pump the brakes until it is safe
Jul 1st, 2020 Todd Schuler talks beaches America and Covid for Fourth of July
Jul 1st, 2020 BizBall Maury Brown joins Nestor to cover the bases on music and baseball during COVID
Jul 1st, 2020 Tony Fugett tells us role of Baltimore County NAACP during census year
Jul 1st, 2020 Heidi Daniel of Enoch Pratt Free Library updates us on availability and services during pandemic
Jul 1st, 2020 Councilman Julian Jones discusses police reform and legislation in Baltimore County
Jul 1st, 2020 Chef Steve Allbright of Franciscan Center cooks up a Baltimore tale of culinary and social inspiration
Jul 1st, 2020 Jeff Griffin of Franciscan Center discusses challenges of funding during pandemic
Jul 1st, 2020 Marty Rosendale of Maryland Tech Council talks COVID and local solutions
Jul 1st, 2020 Lucinda Ware of ACLU says Koblachar campaign taught her how different Midwest politics can be in Presidential race
Jul 1st, 2020 Evan Brown of State Fare says Catonsville in ready for safe 4th celebration
Jul 1st, 2020 Hahn and Brooks educate Nestor on where those Faidleys crab cakes come from and who picks the meat
Jul 1st, 2020 Football author Jason Cole discuss John Elway and pandemic life in NFL and America.
Jul 1st, 2020 Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss Bobby Bo Day and how to spend a million a year for 25 years
Jul 1st, 2020 Baltimorean Sam Kouvaris joins Nestor from Jacksonville to discuss NFL path to a real season
Jul 1st, 2020 Eric Fisher of SportsBusiness recaps current MLB situation to field teams
Jul 1st, 2020 Baseball author Jon Pessah wonders what Yogi Berra would make of COVID era
Jul 1st, 2020 Pedro Gomez of ESPN joins Nestor to discuss shaky MLB path back to field
Jul 1st, 2020 Bruce Posner of Terp Talk discusses a road back to safety for sports leagues and colleges
Jun 29th, 2020 John Schuerholz brings Hall of Fame Baseball spirit to Nestor for 4th of July
Jun 29th, 2020 Ken Singleton joins Nestor to talk baseball virus and history of The DH
Jun 29th, 2020 Steve Rushin joins Nestor to discuss the end of the sports handshake and high five
Jun 29th, 2020 Jim Williams discusses media and sports in Covid
Jun 29th, 2020 Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor talk the lore of summer fishing and crabbing
Jun 29th, 2020 Shelby Kemp of Royal Farms joins Nestor to talk free fried chicken and ChickenPalooza kickoff
Jun 29th, 2020 Luke Jones and Nestor dish on hopes for a Ravens football season
Jun 29th, 2020 Luke and Nestor discuss meaning of baseball in Summer of 2020
Jun 29th, 2020 Baseball and cancer author Tim Wendel discusses health and America and our future
Jun 23rd, 2020 Adam Lambert talks Zeppelin, American Idol and future with Nestor in 2009 while in Baltimore
Jun 23rd, 2020 Anthony Kiedis and John Frusciante of Red Hot Chili Peppers speak hilariously of love of John Waters and Baltimore before Painters Mill show in April 1990
Jun 23rd, 2020 Bill Leverty of band Firehouse talks M3 and rock and roll
Jun 23rd, 2020 Billy Joel chats with Nestor about sports and life and perils of rock and roll in Spring 1998
Jun 23rd, 2020 Geddy Lee talks Rush and baseball in Spring 1997 with Nestor
Jun 23rd, 2020 Clarence Clemons chats with Nestor Before a Hammerjacks Show in February 1990
Jun 23rd, 2020 Joe Perry of Aerosmith talks about sex drugs and rock and roll on Pump tour in July 1990
Jun 20th, 2020 Justin Drummond of Planet Fitness welcomes everyone back to the clubs safely this week
Jun 20th, 2020 Sean Stinnett brings West Side Baltimore love back to WNST to discuss our community and future
Jun 20th, 2020 Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor recap the magic of Orioles baseball
Jun 17th, 2020 Marvin Lewis joins Nestor to discuss life after the NFL and pandemic football
Jun 17th, 2020 Peter Boulware and Nestor discuss race, The South and what it means to be a Ravens champion
Jun 17th, 2020 Marty Conway and Nestor discuss the greed and foolishness of MLB labor stare down during pandemic
Jun 17th, 2020 Don Mohler and Nestor discuss Brandon Scott victory and future of Baltimore
Jun 17th, 2020 Todd Schuler joins Nestor to discuss Mayor Brandon Scott and future of Baltimore
Jun 17th, 2020 Luke Jones and Nestor discuss realities of Ravens season during pandemic and Bisciotti support of Black Lives Matter
Jun 17th, 2020 Luke Jones and Nestor recap the baseball Civil War and wonder if they Orioles will bother to play in 2020