Casey at the bat: Talk about the game tonigh

April 27, 2007 | WNST Staff

An hour before game time and I think everyone has kissed and made up regarding socks.

Not a big crowd here so far, the chance of rain and cold weather could have something to do with that. There is about 50-60 people standing behind the Red Sox dugout hoping to get an autograph from Manny or Big Papi.

This will be a big test for Adam Loewen tonight versus a team that can make you pay with mistakes that you make. Adam has struggled with his command so far this year walking 19 batters. Of those 19 walks 15 have been issued to right handed batters by Loewen this year.

Orioles will leave Baltimore tonight after the game to start a 6 game road trip, three in Cleveland then three in Detroit. Unfortunately I think the Orioles will head out with a four game losing streak in hand.

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