Casey @ the bat: Postgame Thought

April 27, 2007 | WNST Staff

Josh Beckett joined some elite company with his win tonight. He joins Pedro Martinez and Babe Ruth for most wins in the month of April. Josh has won 36 starts since the beginning of the 2005 season: fourth-most in the majors during that time.

Beckett felt like all he had to do was keep his team in the game and he would have a chance to win. As Beckett remarked, very few pitchers or teams can go through the Red Sox lineup three times, let alone four.  As we saw tonight, with one swing of the bat, the Red Sox can make almost any lead evaporate.

Did Sam Perlozzo make the right move when he brought in Chris Ray for a six-out save? I am not a big fan of having your closer try and get the last six outs of a game, especially with a guy like Ray who is a hard throwing closer? Papelbon, I would let do it, but not Ray.

Wily Mo Pena said he was just looking for a ball that he could drive for a sacrifice fly to get a run home but when he made contact, he knew that it was gone — 430 feet gone that is! According to Chris Ray, he did not come inside enough with his fastball but Wily Mo Pena said that Ray hung a slider and he just jumped on it.

It was a tough outing for Adam Loewen, but when you are at 105 pitches through six innings, you can