Notes from the pa

April 13, 2007 | WNST Staff

Jaret Wright has been placed on the 15 day DL with soreness in his right shoulder.  The date is retroactive to yesterday. Manager Sam Perlozzo said that Jaret would miss only two starts and he has yet to make a decision on who would make those starts. (The worst kept secret in the park is that it is 99% certain that it will be Jeremy Guthrie.)

Ramon Hernandez is on his second day of being pain free and is expected to have soft toss and off-a-tee BP on Saturday. He is scheduled to come off the DL on Sunday, but Sam admitted that it could be a couple of days later. Logic would say that since Ramon is in Sarasota rehabbing right now, he would meet the team when they travel to Tampa Bay after this series with the Royals.

I talked to three different players about the beanings that took place last night between the Tigers and Orioles.  The general consensus is that Adam Loewen showed his teammates a lot about himself last night. I think it was evident that Sheffield knew the deal, too, when he just trotted down to first base with out even batting an eye towards Loewen.

When Brian Burres arrived in the clubhouse this afternoon, Jeremy Guthrie greeted him with the