Opening D

April 10, 2007 | WNST Staff

I made it in to Camden Yards for Opening Day– a long story and day, but we will dive into that later.

I have already voted four times for Kevin Millar for team MVP.  I was a big fan of the move when the Orioles made it last year and think he can be productive when he gets enough at bats – “one five” loves him some “one five.”

Think Cal Ripken is not universally respected by baseball players?  Look no further than when Cal was being introduced.  Several of the Tigers came out and applauded for Cal, and when Cal was walking off the field, the Orioles team walked by and shook his hand. For all the things that are wrong in baseball, that was nice to see.

Very chilly sitting here in the press box today.  Not as cold however as the Sunday night game when the Red Sox opened here vs. the Orioles, when Sidney was the winning pitcher and Javy Lopez went deep on the first pitch he saw as an Oriole.

Ok, back to watching the game and trying to see if there are any celebrities in attendance today — other than Bruce Cunningham. Steve Bisciotti and Gary Williams are here together, a few rows behind the O