Some questions answered…some not since he did not tal

April 24, 2007 | WNST Staff

Back from the clubhouse, here is what went down…

Mora’s bunt was his own call. According to Sam Perlozzo, there was no sign on to bunt, therefore Corey Patterson had no idea it was going to happen. Corey said if it had not been bunted back to the pitcher, he probably could have scored.

When Patterson shifted back towards second base on the ball hit by Roberts up the middle, he thought the pitcher was going to field the ball and did not want to get caught in between the bases and not give Payton a chance to score.

Patterson said that he made up his mind once he left second base that he was going to stop at third because he had gotten a bad jump off of the base on the delayed grounded up the middle.

Melvin Mora left the clubhouse without talking to the media about what happened in the ninth inning. It’s surprising that Mora did this, because he is usually a stand up guy. However, when you do stuff like that you leave yourself open to criticism by the media. Just say what you were thinking, Melvin!

My other question is why Tejada was swinging at the first pitch. Hhere is how the bottom of the 9th went for Street:

Jay Payton