Coach Billick talks Lamar Jackson and Ravens Ring of Honor

September 16, 2019 | WNST Audio

Brian Billick is our resident coach and partner here at WNST. It’s always an honor to chat with Coach, and he joined Nestor following the Ravens win over the Cardinals. It’s clear that there is a renewed energy surrounding the team, and Coach Billick acknowledged the changing of the guard in Baltimore.

“I’ve always said that a pro franchise is a living, breathing entity,” Billick said. “It changes, it morphs. It’s going to change regardless, particularly when you talk about the personalities changing. And I do think this is a sea change, for lack of a better term, going into the Lamar Jackson era.”

We’re extremely excited to see Coach Billick enter the Ravens Ring of Honor on September 29th vs the Cleveland Browns. Will this be the biggest honor ever bestowed on Brian?

“Yes I think so, just because of what it represents, the permanence in the stadium,” Billick said. “I take the relationship with the fans seriously, I’m part of it kind of on the other side now obviously. It was great being up at the game on Sunday and seeing the excitement the fanss have. I don’t think it will hit me until I actually see it, but the permanence of m y name in the stadium along with the other people that are up there, I think that’s when it will become real for me and very humbling.”

To hear Nestor’s full conversation with Coach Billick, listen here: