Leonard Raskin of Raskin Global believes Ravens are Miami bound

January 06, 2020 | WNST Audio

Our friend and partner Leonard Raskin of Raskin Global joined Nestor to preview the Ravens divisional game vs the Titans and their upcoming Super Bowl run. While he is not overlooking the Titans, Leonard is definitely making plans to be among the purple masses down in South Florida in a few weeks.

“I was watching the Titans and our boy Derrick Henry, he was something else, Raskin said. “Hopefully we can shut him down and if so, I think Miami is in our future.”

Needless to say, Leonard is a big fan of the Ravens quarterback, but for him, it isn’t just because of the way Lamar performs on the football field…

“He certainly appears to be the humble guy that he portrays,” Raskin said. “I listen to the guy, he talks about his teammates, winning, and getting better. I’ve never heard him talk about Lamar. A lot of guys talk about how great they are. I’ve never heard him say how great he is. He gives glory to God, talks about his teammates, talk about his family. That’s the guy you want to root for. That’s the guy I want on my team.”

If you are looking for any sort of help or advice when it comes to your finances and long-term planning, Leonard Raskin is your man and the folks at Raskin Global are here for you. Raskin has been in the money business for over 27 years and his sterling reputation precedes him.

“We do everything money,” Raskin says. “We’re a fee based consulting firm. We advise on insurance, budgeting, investments, estate plans…ultimately it’s about helping people fulfill their American dream and have what they want.”

“We help people make great financial decisions.”

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