Leonard Raskin of Raskin Global dissects Ravens loss to Titans

January 22, 2020 | WNST Audio

Our good friend and partner Leonard Raskin of Raskin Global joined Nestor as they once again discussed their sorrows after the Ravens heartbreaking loss to the Titans.

“It was swift and certain death,” Raskin said. “It was just so unbelievable. The crowd at the game was rocking, the stadium was like I haven’t seen it in a long time. Miami was in our future and then POOF, in a matter of moments, it was gone.”

Raskin discussed the Ravens best player and MVP Lama Jackson. While Lamar had a historic season in many ways, his performance vs the Titans brought flashbacks from his last playoff game the previous year vs the Chargers.

“The one thing I do know is, watching the game, I saw Lamar on a couple of occasions where he was pretty frustrated and he was pretty upset,” Raskin said. “I think he’s a 23 year old, he’s a kid, it’s his second playoff game, he had a great season, and I think the shock of being punched in the face took him to a place and he just couldn’t recover emotionally. I think he tried to win the game on every play after that.”

One key that should not be overlooked is all the gifts the Ravens gave the Titans. When a team is a 10 point underdog, you can’t give them hope and the Ravens seemed to do that from start to finish.

“You know going into any game, and certainly a playoff game which is bigger than the regular season, you have to keep the ball,” Raskin said. “You can’t turn it over three times, you can’t go 0/2 on 4th downs. That’s like five turnovers and Tennessee just rallied on that. They looked at that and they converted every turnover to points. Every turnover they came down and scored and got points. It did not feel like a Ravens game of the 2019 season. It felt like a Ravens game of the past.”

In addition to a Baltimore sports fanatic, Leonard Raskin is the founder and CEO of Raskin Global. Leonard and his team have proven, unique methods to help their clients manage their money and make smart decisions – perhaps smarter decisions than the Ravens made in their playoff loss!

“We give advice,” Raskin said. “We give advice on strategy, so head coaching and general managing your financial team. Nobody thinks they’re getting into that car accident until they do. To pivot off of that, one other specialty that we look at is protecting your wealth. It’s one thing to have it, it’s another thing to have something unexpected happen in our life and not be protected for it. What does that mean? It means insuring that your wealth can’t be taken from forces that you didn’t see coming: car insurance, liability insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, life insurance. Nobody expects to get sick. Nobody expects to get in an accident. We make sure that you’re protected properly, we strategize that, we give fee based advice, and we help people implement the products and services financially to help them not just have the financial future they want from an investment standpoint, but to make sure nothing comes along that hurts what they already worked to build or what they’re building towards. It’s critical.”

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