Weddle: “You have to tip your hat to the best ever”

October 22, 2018 | WNST Staff

S Eric Weddle transcript

(on the game today) “Man, what a fun game to be a part of. It was back-and-forth between two really good teams. It came down to the last play. Obviously, you don’t win and lose on the last play, but, they made just one more play than we did. It’s a really good team on that side; well-coached. They came in here and presented some challenges for us. We answered them and got some stops, we just didn’t get enough.”

(on the battle with QB Drew Brees) “For a player, like me, that’s been around, these are the games that you live for. You try to make it as tough as possible for the opponent. Drew Brees is one of the best ever to play this game. We presented some challenges. We had that string where he had two incredible plays – holy smokes. We had him wrapped up and he dumps it off to Mike [Thomas] – who had an unbelievable game – and the other one he finally got on the sideline. We also had a sack. You have to tip your hat. I think we played well at times; other times, he made incredible plays and got first downs to continue drives. That’s what was frustrating at times. We just didn’t get off the field. They did some things you knew, but in the flow and in the tempo, and when the bullets are flying, it’s just hard to get lined up sometimes. We had a chance, and we just didn’t get it done.”

(on the Saints’ final drive) “What helped us was the guy going out of bounds. We still had a chance. At that point, we just knew we had to get off the field and keep them to a field goal. We knew our offense had a chance – they could go down and score. That was fortunate for us – that he went out of bounds and we could get the ball back.”

(on overcoming this loss) “We’re fine. This isn’t the same Ravens. We’re a tight group – we are light years better than we’ve been in the past. Shoot, ‘Tuck’ [K Justin Tucker] is going to win us some games. We’re not worried about that missed kick. Shoot, I think it’s his first extra point ever that he’s missed. Let’s not get on him too hard. He’s going to be hard on himself. That wasn’t the only reason we lost. We could have played better defensively and gotten off the field in third-down situations. We could have held them to less points, and obviously, our offense could have played better. It’s never one guy, it’s a team. We’ll bounce back. This is one of the best teams in the league. They made a few more plays than us, but we were right there with them. Listen, we’re still building to be the best team that we can at the time that we need it. We’re still building throughout the season so that we’re firing on all cylinders in November and December, when it’s playoff time. We’ll learn from this. We’ll get back, we’ll get coached up and come back to practice hard. Shoot, we have to go to Carolina with a great mindset to go win on the road.”

(on New Orleans’ big fourth quarter) “Drew [Brees] made some incredible plays. You have to tip your hat to the best ever. He extended some plays – we had him wrapped up – he was just finding a way to make a play. Not many guys can do that in the history of the game. We could have played better defensively at times. We could have executed the plays better and we could have communicated better. But, at times, a guy just makes a great play, or a receiver makes a great catch. I think we could have played better, and if we ever get a chance to meet them again, I think that we will. They made a few more plays than us. We made it hard. But, we made them fight for everything that they got. We could have played better in the low red zone. I think a couple of calls didn’t go our way down there. It changed the dynamic of whether it was second- or third-and-5, or now you’re first-and-goal at the 1-yard line. That’s tough on a defense. You can’t give a team like that more chances. They played a great game; it was a fun game to be in. It felt like a playoff game, back and forth. They just made one more play than us.”

(on the Saints’ balanced offense) “They present a lot of challenges. They bring [QB Taysom Hill] in and you’ve got to have a plan for that. Sometimes he’s not at the quarterback, so you have to have different calls. Then, they’re running the ball … Every offense is different. They have a great offense. They came in as the best offense in the league, and I thought we did pretty well. We didn’t do good enough, but we gave ourselves a chance to win. We’ll look back, we’ll get coached up. There will be good plays, bad plays – you always look at yourself first. I could have done better. I wish I would have made that tackle at the end. But hey, I gave it my all and we still got a stop. We just have to go out and play great next week.”

(on the emotional loss) “It’s not emotional, it’s just one of 16 [games]. It hurts because it’s at home, but that just means we have to get one on the road. Maybe one that we didn’t think we would get. This is a really close group. We don’t point fingers. It starts with our head coach. We just didn’t play good enough. At times, we played really good and they just made one more play than we did. We just have to come back refreshed, look at ourselves, and have a great plan for Carolina.”