10 Hopeful Things About the Orioles..

June 07, 2007 | WNST Interns

I’m tired of kicking the Orioles for their mistakes.  They make them.  We know that.  We see it night in and night out.  And we say the same things:

"They need to learn how to score late in the ballgame!"

"Stop using Baez!"

"When are they going to fire Perlozzo already?"

"40 million dollars for THAT?"

"Gibbons, you STINK!"

There’s plenty more. But you get the point.  My brother tries to remain optimistic about the team’s future while I’ve screamed for change. I could go through a list of things last night that bothered me but, really, what’s the point?  The truth is the team is close.  And maybe that’s where the frustration comes in.  If they were truly terrible, I mean Kansas City Royals terrible, we wouldn’t even bother.  But this year’s Orioles DO have some long term potential.  So here are ten things to be optimistic about. 

10. The young arms in the starting rotation appear solid.

9.  Miguel Tejada won’t be there much longer.

8.  Nick Markakis will only get better.

7.  Chris Ray is considered by many in the league to have the makings of a top closer.  He might not be showing it yet but give him time.

6.  Kevin Millar HAS to retire eventually.

5.  Brian Roberts is one of the top three leadoff hitters in all of baseball.

4.  Defensively, the Orioles are among the best in the league.

3.  Injuries and age are issues in Toronto AND New York.  That could lead to some extra Orioles victories.

2.  Assuming the starting pitching holds up, they’re only really missing two things: a TRUE #4 hitter and 1 more reliable bench guy.

1.  Owners don’t live forever. 

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