10 things for tonight

August 19, 2007 | WNST Staff

10 things to watch tonight
1. Jared Gaither — This will be Jared’s toughest challenge of his young career. Can Jared improve on some of the mistakes from Monday night?
2. Troy Smith – He has to improve on his poor performance on Monday night. Tonight can help make the push for that # 3 QB spot.
3. Dwan Edwards — Hard to find anyone who had a better offseason and camp than Dwan. People in the organization are raving about the way that he is playing. Make sure to watch him tonight.
4. Ben Grubbs — Ben will get valuable reps tonight with the starters in place of Chris Chester. Tonight will be a good chance for Ben to show why he was a first round pick.
5. Prescott Burgess — So far he has had a solid preseason, tonight will be no different. Could see increased reps with Antwan Barnes out tonight.
6. Anthony Bryant — “Calves”, as he is known to his teammates, is pushing for a roster spot. Teammates and coaches on the d-line have been impressed with him.
7. Clarence Moore/Devard Darling — With Derrick Mason expected to miss tonight’s game; they will both have a chance to prove why they belong. I still feel that one of them will not make it, but tonight could make it a hard decision.
8. Bill Swancutt(67) — Watch him while he is in the game. He is a very smart player, always around the football, and makes plays. I predict that he will get a sack tonight.
9. Justin Bannan — This one is little selfish. I always watch Justin at practice; the guy will do whatever it takes to get the job done. When someone says that you “play like a Raven” — that’s about as "ringing of an endorsement" as you can get.
10. Gerome Sapp — He was all over the field last week. Has helped fill some of the role that was left by AD. Gerome is a very versatile player that can line up at several positions and make plays no matter where he is.
I will be back a couple of hours before the game with some more news and notes.