3639 Days …. And Counting

October 02, 2007 | WNST Interns

Are you ready for some playoff baseball action? If so, you’ll have to go to another city. It’s been an agonizing …. and at times …. sickening 3639 days since a postseason game was played here in Baltimore.

You remember that day, right? Tony Fernandez hit a homerun off Armando Benitez, to leadoff the 11th inning. This accounted for the game’s only run. I recall leaving the ballpark in absolute and utter shock.

Had I known on October 15, 1997, that I’d be sitting around ten years later …. in the midst of what can best be described as an absolute “trainwreck” of an Orioles franchise …. I might have stuck around on that cool evening and savored the moment. Damn, I miss meaningful baseball games.

Think about it …. the tense feeling that developed when we were down by a couple runs going into the 8th or 9th inning …. but we sensed something COULD and WOULD happen. And, if we had a lead …. it seemed secure – even in the most crucial of games.

A decade ago, the Orioles were respected and feared in many circles. They were known as a complete franchise. And, the “Oriole Way” was a stapled reference that many organizations strived to live up to or duplicate. Funny …. all-star caliber players, like Bobby Bonilla, Roberto Alomar and Randy Myers wanted to come here.

These days, desirable players only come to Baltimore if they have a flight out of BWI, three days later. The Orioles are now the butt of countless jokes and fodder for ridicule. A couple months ago, when Sam Perlozzo was dismissed and Joe Girardi was contemplating the job …. a couple talking heads at ESPN called the job the worst in management of a professional sports franchise. Sadly, I agree.

Do you wanna know what really sucks? I’ll tell you …. sitting around during the first couple days of October and referencing any fond Orioles memories by saying …. “back in the day” ….

Just remember the number …. 3639 days. It’s been a long, long time. If you read this blog before 8pm …. go to your nearby lottery retailer and play “3639.” If it hits, you’ll get a head start on Christmas and if it doesn’t …. blame the Orioles. After all, it’s their “streak” and their “number” ….