‘6th Biggest Story Of 2007’ – The Colorado Rockies

December 26, 2007 | WNST Interns

In mid-September, the Colorado Rockies appeared to be finishing up another season without playoff aspirations. Although, they enjoyed a modestly winning record, this team hadn’t seriously contended for years.

Led by the aging Todd Helton and “under the radar” standouts like Matt Holliday and Brad Hawpe meant the Rockies weren’t even mentioned in potential postseason matchups. The Rockies were simply an afterthought and nothing more than a fairly young team that kept it’s “head above water” for much of the season.

Then, on September 16th something “clicked.” The Rockies went on a serious run, of sorts. They combined great hitting with phenomenal pitching to absolutely scorch the opposition over the final two weeks of the season. In a span where the opposing teams were outscored 93-43, the Rockies simply crushed the competition.

The streak didn’t end with the regular season, either. After taking a one-game tiebreaker with the Padres, Colorado swept Philadelphia and Arizona in the NL playoffs. They entered the 2007 World Series having won 21 of 22 games. This was an absolutely unbelievable run ….. and it’s my “6th Biggest Sports Story” of the year.

If you take a quick glance at the Rockies roster, there’s not much popping out in celebrity status. Perhaps, they were just a collective group of guys that got HOT at the right time. And, judging by their performance in the World Series against the Red Sox ….. this is a plausible argument.

Did they simply run out of luck ….. or chances ….. or stamina??? Perhaps, it’s a combination of these three factors. Then again, the most reasonable argument could be they were simply overmatched by a much more talented Boston team. Many pundits gave the Rockies a reasonable chance in the fall classic ….. but they got whipped.

Still, a string of winning 21 of their final 22 games is an amazing achievement for any team. Combine such a record with the circumstances of holding any postseason aspirations in the balance, and this feat is only compounded. As a team, the Colorado Rockies achieved something that others could only hope to do.

Their run was simply awesome. It’s a story that’s probably getting overlooked by many as we reminisce about the year in sports. But, don’t forget these Colorado Rockies ….. and their STREAK. There’s a good chance this will never happen again.