A Couple of Quick Points

September 26, 2007 | WNST Interns

Just wanted to point out a couple of things. The first of which is last week on Bob’s show I talked about how fans look at these September baseball games and assume that the team that has something to play for will win, and that the team that is just playing out the string will give a half-hearted effort. In fact, I contended that it was easier for the eliminated teams to play now than it was for the contenders. There is no real pressure, not from the media or the fans. There is also no more oppressive heat, so weather wise it’s easier to play as well. (I realize the weather is the same for both teams, but I think that it would be more fun when you are out of contention to play when it’s 70 degrees instead of 95 degress)And finally, since these teams can see the finish line, it’s easy to go out and play hard for one week, as opposed to two or three months. Much to this point, let me present exhibit A: the games of Monday night.
There were seven games played that day, and coincidentally the only one which meant nothing to the playoff picture was the one at which some of you were protesting. The other six games all pitted one team with something to play for, be it a playoff spot, or in the Angel’s case, a battle for home field throughout, against a team with nothing to play for except pride. Well, pride went 5-1 with only the Brewers winning. The Nats, and the Blue Jays and the Giants, were beating the likes of the Yankees and the Mets and the Padres. As I type this no games have gone final yet tonight (Tuesday) but it doesn’t look good for the contenders again.

Now, onto my second point. I’m 8-2 picking NFL games. 8-2! Read my past blogs. The picks are there. You find me one of those 900 numbers that’s 8-2. I bet you can’t do it.