A different side of Ray Lewis today

November 29, 2007 | WNST Staff

To say that the Sean Taylor situation has bothered Ray Lewis would be an understatement. To watch Ray today as he talked about to the media about Sean Taylor was very eye opening. After Ray spoke with the media, I watched him as he sat as his locker and just sort of had this blank stare on his face and appeared to have several thoughts running through his mind.
I have been critical of Ray and his approach towards the media, but today I got it. I would’ve had no problem at all if Ray did not want to speak with the media.

The friendship between Ray and Sean was as close as the relationship between Ray and Ed Reed. I could understand how Ray would feel that no one would understand the feelings he has about what has happened to Sean. Apparently Ray was very distraught when he was called Tuesday morning and informed Sean had passed away.

I spoke to Ed Reed today and he also said that it has been hard for him to deal with the Sean situation and that it has been a crazy week with the passing of Sean and trying to understand everything that has happened.
This is just more of the "off the field" issues that this team has had to deal with this year that have nothing to do with football, but are very understandable as to how they would affect the players.

Several players have and are dealing with personal issues that Brian Billick spoke about on Monday. Whether people want to think so or not, these guys have a life away from football and real issues that they have to deal with aside from trying to figure out if Tom Brady is getting ready to throw the ball to Randy Moss or Wes Welker.