A Few Thing

June 08, 2007 | WNST Interns

The Orioles get the fifth pick in today’s MLB draft. I wonder whom Peter Angelos is going to make the Orioles take.

The NBA Finals start tonight and I am excited to watch James and Duncan do their thing. Lebron is getting all the hype but, the Spurs are just laying low. Should be a fun series. It is hard not to like the Spurs but, I am rooting for the Cavs.

Congratulations to Trevor Hoffman. Last night, Trevor got his 500th save. He is the all time saves leader and we never hear much about him.
 Why is Lee Smith not in The Hall Of Fame? Bruce Sutter is in with 300 saves, 2.83 ERA, and 861 strikeouts. Lee Smith has 478 saves, 3.03 ERA, and 1251 strikeouts. Try explaining that one to me. You should lose your right to vote if you didn’t vote for Lee.

A Few Thing

May 30, 2007 | WNST Interns

Davey Johnson was mentioned as a possible replacement if the Orioles happen to fire Sam Perlozzo. Why not go get Pat Gillick? Maybe they can get Cal to come out of retirement.
Rumor has it, the Rangers will trade Teixeira. Yankees should have him sometime in early September.
Looks like Roger Clemens may be pitching in Boston this weekend. You think ESPN is going to hype that? Clemens shut down a AAA team yesterday. The Yankees say he is ready to go. They must not of watched that game against the AA team. I hope he gets shelled.
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