A great event tonight at Club Paradise………less than 8 hours and counting

July 07, 2007 | WNST Staff

I would recommend that you get to Club Paradise early tonight to get ready to take in what will be a GREAT UFC card. From top to bottom this is a tremendous card, and although I highly anticipate all the UFC PPV’s, this one has the potential to be one for the ages.
To start is off your having at least 5 fights on the card for tonight that will be shown on the PPV. Depending on how fast some of the fights end, you could see one or two more than were planned. There are four more fights that are not scheduled to take place on the PPV, but what happens is that these fights happen and are taped before the live portion of the show starts, so that if they have time to fill, they can fight in one or more fights to keep everything on schedule. The advantage to that is that they are going to pick what was the most exciting/shocking fight earlier in the night.
Here are my official/unofficial predictions:
Antonio Nogueira vs Heath Herring – I like the Texas Crazy Horse Heath Herring in this one. He has been inside the octagon before were as tonight will be the first time for Nogueira. You will hear fighters say that it can be overwhelming and take you a little bit to relax once you step inside the cage.
WINNER: Herring (decision)
Hermes Franca vs Sean Sherk – This is for the UFC Lightweight Title. Could very well be a tremendous fight, both fighters are comfortable on their feet or on the ground. Sherk might have the advantage due to his size once he gets the fight on the ground. After all you do not get the nickname The Muscle Shark for no reason at all.
WINNER: Sherk (I will go with a TKO on this one)
Alvin Robinson vs Kenny Florian – Much like the Nogueira vs Herring fight, you have to think that Florian has the edge due to being in the octagon before. Tonight Robinson will step in for the first time. Florian will look to take the fight to the ground and drop some elbows on Mr Robinson.
WINNER: Kenny “KENFLO” Florian (how about stoppage for this one)
Nate Marquardt vs Anderson Silva – This is for the UFC Middleweight title. This is again very well could be the show stealer. Silva likes to come out with guns blazing and end fights early. He has had only one of his three fights in the octagon go beyond the 1st round. Marquardt in three fights has only won one by submission, the rest have been left in the judges hands. Silva is insane crazy strong, and probably will catch Nate by surprise with his strength.
WINNER: Silva( TKO…….round 2)
Rashad Evans vs Tito Ortiz –This is going to be an awesome fight. Both of guys will more than likely want to take the fight to the ground. Tito is known for his ground and pound skills, while Rashad as very good on the ground also. Rashad however, I am sure would love to stand and knock Tito out, Tito has been talking A LOT of trash about Evans leading up to this fight. Tito would love to be the first guy to hand Rashad a loss, while Rashad would love to knock off a UFC legend. I can see this fight going to either guy; however I am going to have to go with the Huntington Beach Bad Boy Tito Ortiz on this one….. Plus I want to see what t-shirt he will put on after the fight that will be something disrespectful towards Evans. Also I am sure Tito will try and call out Chuck Liddell again after the fight if he wins.
WINNER: Ortiz (I don’t fell comfortable saying how)
Just as a note of reference to people who are new to the UFC, if it is a non title fight it is 3 5minute rounds. If it is for a title then it is 5 5minute rounds.
So again come out to Club Paradise early grab some Miller Lite and join us. As anyone at the station can tell you, I absolutely love to talk about the UFC and the fighters, so stop by our table, say hi and let’s talk some UFC.