A Likely Supporter Of Michael Vick

July 25, 2007 | WNST Interns

& A Great Job By Roger Goodell ….

This is exactly what Michael Vick’s “PR Machine” didn’t need …. some advice and support from Allen Iverson. I think it’s reasonable to suspect Vick’s representatives have circled the wagons and are in “damage control” mode. Thus, the last thing they needed was any relation to another controversial personality.

Who’s next …. Mike Tyson …. John Rocker …. Lindsey Lohan ??? If I ever fall into legal problems – and I pray that doesn’t happen – I hope public words of support, encouragement and advice don’t come from anyone who’s ever been arrested or alienated thousands of people.

In case you haven’t heard, Iverson issued his support of Vick this past weekend …. urging him to “keep his head up.” That’s great …. patronage from a guy who struggles to keep his own life in order. And, at the expense of his own dicey reputation …. Iverson now joins Clinton Portis and Roy Jones, as defenders of Vick and probable pariahs in the eyes of animal rights activists.

Why do these guys choose to compromise their personas? Better yet, do they think the words of support will help their friend? It’s simply bewildering ….

As for NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell …. good job !!!! With the title, comes a lot of pressure and demands to do the right thing. And, Goodell did just that. As I’ve said before, there’s no correlation between the criminal justice system and the disciplinary procedures set forth by an employer.

The bottom line is Michael Vick has embarrassed his employer …. and, rightful action was taken – period. As for the assertions that Roger Goodell caved to sponsors …. so what? They have a voice and say …. they are STAKEHOLDERS in the business. I’ll say it …. the NFL needs Coca-Cola, Reebok and other billion dollar corporations more than they need Michael Vick.

If Coca-Cola invests millions, they have a rightful expectation to receive a promotion free of embarrassment and humiliation. The bottom line is sponsors are paying the bills …. not Michael Vick. It’s not unreasonable for an employer to refuse any connection to alleged criminals as it relates to their workforce.

It’s the American way ….