A Nice Game By Kyle And Its Still Not Good Enough

September 17, 2007 | WNST Interns

The Ravens won a game yesterday that could have went into overtime if Justin McCareins catches the ball, but it’s the NFL and a win is a win.
Bob Haynie has been on the air for 6 minutes and he just went to his first call. Obviously it was a call about the Ravens game.
 Did the caller talk about how well the defense played for 3 quarters? Did he mention how well Boller played in his first start in over a year? How about Trevor Pryce going down with a broken wrist? How about the nice game by McGahee? Yamon Figurs 61 yard return? Nope. The very first caller wanted the Ravens to get Byron Leftwich. Are you kidding me? Is that the first thing that popped into your head after watching the game?
Byron Leftwich has been out there for 3 weeks now and nobody has taken him yet. There is probably a reason why he is still out there.
The Ravens won a game against a team that made the playoffs last year. The Ravens were without their starting QB and their best offensive lineman. That was the type of game that you need to win and the Ravens did that.
Kyle Boller helped the Ravens win a game. Give the man some credit.
Next up for the Ravens are the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals went into Seattle yesterday and beat a really good Seahawks team. What was once chalked up as a definite win is now going to be a tough game for the Ravens. Funny how things change so quickly in the NFL.
Congratulations to Jim Thome who hit HR number 500 yesterday. A game winner in the bottom of the ninth. Thome has put up great numbers for a long time. He isn’t a steroid guy but his numbers will be tainted because he played in a steroid era. Plus, Jim is a good guy. I had a chance to talk to him a few times and he was always willing to come on WNST for a few minutes whenever he was in town. Congrats!