A quick word on last night’s game

August 14, 2007 | WNST Interns

First of all its tough to find fault in anything the Ravens did last night….but just some bullet points…you always have to be careful in pre-season because some of the stats are against talent that will not be in the NFL this year but anyway…

  • Steve McNair better not get hurt….sorry folks Boller is the same as he ever was.
  • Antwan Barnes could be a special find for this team
  • I did not hear the name name of one Offensive Lineman, which is the way it should be
  • Willis McGahee will make a huge difference
  • The Ravens took several shots down field.
  • TE’s were open all night long.
  • This team has great depth.
  • Sams vs Figures was a draw…Figures is fast but has to get better hands
  • PJ Daniels may not make this team….Ross and even Pruitt Jr ran the ball very hard.

Finally…71,000 plus at the game…you think this town is ready for some football?