A Reason To Like Parcells

November 03, 2007 | WNST Interns

A Reason to like Bill Parcells
A 13 year old was wearing a Peyton Manning jersey. Thinking he was a Baltimore-born front runner, I tried to explain to him in a caring uncle tone that wearing that jersey in Baltimore was a football sacrilege. He told me he just moved here from Indy. I backed off at that point. Under these circumstances I understood.
Then, he looked at me with genuine puzzlement. “Mr. Letra, what have you got against the Indianapolis Colts?”
I felt a little foolish. The move to Indy took place before his birth. The Baltimore Colts are as ancient to him as the Chicago Cardinals are to me. I even told my wife, “I guess I should let go.”
But then I see those uniforms. They’re identical to the ones worn by a host of heroes and neighbors who will always be a part of our community. If Irsay’s team wore green and gold uniforms and called themselves the Indianapolis Racers or something like that, I could forget. But when I see a number 23, I see Don McCauley. Number 44 is the Rex Kern uniform I got for Christmas in 1971. 41? That’s Tom Matte!
So it was nice to hear Former Terp quarterback and New England radio personality Scott Zolak mention the Baltimore move on WFAN Saturday morning.
Thinking about his playing days with the Pats, Zo says, “(Bill) Parcells got all fired up for Colts week. He didn’t like anything about them, thought they were soft, all the way from the uni’s to the move from Baltimore…”
I’m a bitter, little man. Even though we have the Ravens, and the Colts have been in Indy for 24 years, I still say, “Hell no, I’ll never forget!” As long Indianapolis wears the Baltimore uniforms, I’ll still have a sore spot on my football soul.
So, it was nice to hear a New Englander mention the move from Baltimore on a New York station.
Way to go Zo!