A sad day…Sean Taylor passes

November 27, 2007 | WNST Interns

I have heard the word THUG thrown around way too much in the past two days…this was a 24 year old man…a father of an 18 month old girl…he was a son, he was a friend…and although he had grown up in an environment many of us can’t and could not understand…he had tried to be a better person…a sad day…

From washingtonpost.com

In the past two years, however, Taylor has earned praise from coaches and teammates for maturing and better work habits. Portis, a former University of Miami teammate, said Taylor had grown up considerably since the birth of his daughter, Jackie, in May 2006.

"It’s hard to expect a man to grow up overnight," Portis said before departing for Miami. "But ever since he had this child it was like a new Sean. And everybody around here knew it. He was always smiling, always happy, always talking about his child."