A Small Step Towards Peac

May 18, 2007 | WNST Interns


So the Orioles are going to put Baltimore on their away jerseys beginning next season?  That’s all well and good, but the larger question remains: will they put different players in those uniforms next year as well?  Because that’s what this franchise needs more than anything – new players with an attitude that losing is simply unacceptable.

I’ve blogged about the lack of passion and intensity that has become an annual exhibition from the team.  There’s simply too much acceptance and indifference when it comes to the losing.  Instead of showing more focus and energy, as soon as things go inevitably wrong, it seems the players just cave in and accept it as business as usual.  And business as usual equals 72 – 90 again.

So here’s my thought, for what it’s worth: Nick Markakis is the only untouchable player on the Orioles’ roster.  Everyone else is available for the right offer.  Bedard for Texeira?  Call Texas now and get the talks started.  Tejada for a major league ready infielder and starting pitcher?  Bring it on.  Mora and his strange attitude for a utility player?  As long as the offering team picks up the remainder of Mora’s contract, then get it done.  Roberts and Penn for LaRoche and Marcus Giles?  Certainly….err….forget that example.

The point is this: it’s obvious that the Orioles lack any kind of internal fire, any desire to work harder both mentally and physically to change the culture of losing that has gripped the franchise for a decade now.  So ship ‘em out, get value in exchange, and maybe by ’09 or 10, the new players will make us all proud that they’re wearing away jerseys with Baltimore on them.

You finally decided to listen to your long-suffering fan base on an issue.  Congratulations to the crew in the Warehouse.  Now change the culture inside those uniforms.

And how about bringing back the cartoon Oriole on the hats?  Then we’d really be making progress….