November 03, 2007 | WNST Interns

Someone needs to tell Liverpool that Blackburn is squatting on their fifth spot on the Premier League log. The same Blackburn that has broken two Reds players’ legs in as many years.
I think this is going to be a fairly grueling affair. Mark Hughes is as tough a bugger on the side lines as he was between them, something that has bestowed upon his team. It’s a contest that has produced some harrowing injuries. Cisse, well history showed that he has weak pins anyway, but Lucas Neill’s challenge on Jamie…?
            Blackburn is scorching it this season. Seven wins in their last seven games is impressive. But Liverpool proved last week that teams showing up with their tails in the air are likely to get a boot in the space beneath it. Arsenal came in fresh off a 7-0 Champions League romp to find a resolute, and yes sometimes disarrayed, Liverpool defense that conceded only one very well worked goal.
            Liverpool is the only team unbeaten on the road this season and they are at Ewood Park which has been fairly kind to them in the last few go rounds.
             I think that Liverpool are due a big performance. Even minus the heavy artillery, this might be the game they finally start playing like Liverpool. 
            On an unrelated note, Momo confessed to needing to pull his Red’s socks up. By his own admission, the awesome start to his Liverpool career has turned awful. I think don’t think his mug was the only thing that took a knock in Spain last year. His confidence has been sorely lacking since then, too. I confess, I was heading the “NoNo to MoMo ’08” campaign, but he does have some redeeming qualities. His passing has been poor, his shooting leaves something to be desired (although the one – and only one – against Sunderland was top drawer) but it is his doggedness in midfield and his natural harrying that makes him worthwhile to keep around.   
            Also one, or two for that matter, wonders if Mt. Peter might actually make it up front today. I try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but if you tower above everyone else then it stands to reason that your main weapon is your noodle. If you can’t get a ball on net from 8 yards with your pip at that altitude then you are useless. Yes, he scores in bunches but this year’s crop is lean. With Torres gone for at least two weeks, and should he crack the nod, he’d better make with the goodies.
            And the big story: the only two teams in the Premier League with swear words in their names  face off today – Arsenal and Man-effin-U. If you enjoy football/soccer or are looking to enjoy football/soccer for the first time, this may well be the match to watch.
Regardless of league ranking, it has traditionally been one of the best showdowns in the Premiership’s short history. So sitting at one and two in the log, this should be a belter. There is a chance it will unfold into the top-of-the-log, sister-kissing affair, but I don’t think it will. Wenger’s youngsters are like the irresistible force and Fergie’s mob are much like the immoveable object atop the pile. My prediction – bring your safety goggles.